Kaaviyyan teaser revealed and it is mere display of foreign locations

Kaaviyyan teaser revealed and it is mere display of foreign locations

Kaaviyyan is an upcoming Tamil thriller featuring Shaam Sridevikumar and Athmeeya in the lead roles. Film is an almost espionage thriller about the chain of horrific events that are let loose in United States of America and since the life of a Indian girl is in danger played by Athmeeya and an Indian officer in US is appointed to help in solving the case as it is quite time sensitive. Shaam plays the officer, who will stop at nothing till he is done solving the case and also saving a life.

Film is shot on a big scale for a Tami film going by the scale of the country they shot the film is but technically film looked really inferior from the teaser as if either the shot taking or the editing to construct it was not good at all because even the colors of he film are too extravagant for the sober demo-graphical setting of the film. Teaser is very loosely bound with the plot because in the fear of not revealing the mystery the makers were so cautious that they did not display enough to even generate the interest of the audience in to the story and conflict.

By the nature of the film it seems that there are not too many sub plots with in one giant conflict in the film which will be served as the ultimate plot twist to evoke some sort of generate in the audience. Moreover the direction of the film and how it is unveiling echoes many thrillers from India and Hollywood and it seems makers have put little to no effort in making sure that audience just does not get a big thriller but also something new should come out of this attempt which is seemingly ambitious but not audacious enough to be applauded for.

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