Kaasi movie review: A great dramatic movie

Kaasi movie review: A great dramatic movie
Written by Abhishek Rana

Kaasi, directed by Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi, and starring Vijay Antony, Anjali, Sunaina is a stylish and potent drama  about a an who is trying to find his true identity. The movie has some breathtaking visuals that are surely going to make the audience widen their eyes at the screen, and a story that is potent and makes for a satisfying end. The best thing about Kaasi is that it has a story that serves the visuals, and not just empty aesthetics. The characters are a part of the scenery and interact with it, without being overshadowed by it.

There are some fight scenes that are directed by a heavy hand and come off as too melodramatic, but the movie keeps the viewer on the edge the seat as the mystery unfolds and the movie begins to resemble a tragic revenge saga.

Another thing that makes the movie a must watch is the commitment of the actors, who not once seem to hamming in and letting vanity rule their characters. Everyone works in harmony with the script, which is important because the story could be considered a little impossible for some. Still, people who go along with the story are going to be rewarded by the climax, which is a thing of beauty, and not overtly melodramatic or contrived. Which makes it work, and makes the movie from being just good, to great. Don’t miss this movie, as it will entertain you, and make you think too.

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