Kaalakaandi new song Kaala Doreya puts a modern spin on the old tune

Kaalakaandi new song Kaala Doreya puts a modern spin on the old tune
Written by Abhishek Rana

Kaalakaandi has released a new song, Kaala Doreya, which puts a new, modern spin on the ages old tune and applies it to great affect in the visuals in the music video. It also gives us a hint of the story that is going on in the movie. Kaala Doreya is sung by Neha Bhasin and Raxstar, with music from Sameer Uddin. It is the perfect combination of pop music and more traditionally based tune. It is surely going to be a hit with the listeners and will be played in various traditional functions. 

We also get a sneak peak of the footage from the movie, and it looks like there are two love stories and  a wedding going on. The film takes place one night and the atmosphere is beautifully captured by Director Akshat Verma. Saif Ali Khan seems to be going on with a variety of emotions, as he is seen dancing in one scene and then crying. He also seems to be involved in a variety of situation, which verge from being romantic, sexual to life threatening. It is going to be a very fun movie to watch and see how the director and actors handle the tone of the movie.

Saif Ali Khan has had a very bad year, with Rangoon and Chef flopping at the box office, even though he got great reviews for both movies. This could be a change of style for him, and if the movie is well liked, it could seriously be a breakout hit for him. Everything is looking for the movie so far, and the reaction on social media has been overwhelmingly positive. So, it is only a hope that it delivers on its promise and shows once again that Saif Ali Khan is still a superstar.


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