Kaala movie review: Rajinikanth has owned up to his massive mass image

Kaala movie review: Rajinikanth has owned up to his massive mass image
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Kaala is certainly going to be one of the biggest blockbuster ever in the entire career of Rajinikanth. Rajini is back in his mass image after a long time while portraying a good hearted don from the slums of Chennai. The geographical locations have been changed in the Hindi version where he is shown to be in Dharavi, Mumbai.  Rajini’s character wears all black clothes in the film which is a philosophy that concludes and embraces the black color of the country. In South India, most of the people are black by their skin color and Rajini’s character is the physical manifestation of that.

Staging of the film is meant to be in a locality to which audience members should connect. Nana is playing the typical ruthless politician who wants to snatch away the land of these poor people in a crooked away that is totally upsetting Rajinikanth. There is nothing really new in the narrative but the fact that Rajini is doing this form of story after a long time that has promoted him to be the biggest star in the country. His last venture Kabali was in Malaysia and it did not connect to the audience that well so the team got into the suburbs of Chennai this time.

Film is produced by Dhanush and directed by PA Ranjith who also helmed Kabali. Action of this film is more raw than stylized and that has worked in the favor. Scenes are designed to evoke whistles and applauds for Rajini which would create deafening noise in the theater. The most important function of films like such is fan satisfaction so that they come back again for repeat viewing and family audience would fill up the seats for weeks in a row. Overall one should embrace this film if they are fans of Rajinikanth.

Kaala movie review: Rajinikanth has owned up to his massive mass image

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