Jurassic World: The fallen kingdom trailer unleashes dinosaurs and volcanic eruptions

Jurassic World: The fallen kingdom trailer unleashes dinosaurs and volcanic eruptions

Jurassic World: The fallen Kingdom, directed by J. A Bayona released its trailer, and it has been enthusiastically recieved by the fans and people all around the world. It has accumulated a lot of views on the YouTube and has been praised for its visually aesthetic which is closer to horror than the adventure comedy of the first Jurassic movie two years ago, it also finally shows Bryce Dallas Howard wearing proper shoes, an aspect of the previous movie was criticized for having Howard run around in sandals. Chris Pratt still plays the main protagonist of the story, Owen, who now has to travel to a remote volcanic island to save, dinosaurs, which is a perplexing plot since Dinosaurs were seen trying to destroy the park in Jurassic World, and saving them would be considered a little stupid.

Anyhow, the trailer also introduces, Jeff Goldblum,as Ian Malcolm. Fans of the movie will remember from the two original movies that made him such a star worldwide. He is presented in the trailer, talking about how he knew that Dinosaurs always existed, beyond the knowledge of the theme park.

And now, to the island and those deadly Dinosaurs. The trailer unleashes all the horror and a little bit of comedy as the Claire (Howard) and Owen, try and then run and scream in shock as the lava erupts and the monsters stomp all around the place. The imagery is beautiful, and yet terrifying, as Owen runs and is enveloped by an ash cloud and as a large number of Dinosaurs fall from a cliff and drown in the water. The trailer is trending at a coveted number 1, and has gotten 18 million views up till now, a number that is surely going to rise in coming days as the hype around the movie increases. Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom is scheduled to be released on, 22 June, 2018.



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