Juliet lover of idiot movie review: A delightful romance story

Juliet lover of idiot movie review: A delightful romance story

Juliet lover of Idiot is a delightful and simple love story, directed by Ajay Vodhirala starring Ratheesh Vega as musician, forming part of the crew. The movie has a simple story that it doesn’t over complicate, but even in its simplicity, it tells a lot about the truthness of a relationship and all the obstacles that two lovers have to overcome before they are accepted by the society ad a couple. As in other movies, there is an obligatory sub plot that causes a lot of action sequences in the second half of the movie, and it is very unnecessary and not really as good as the central storyline. But because the two main characters and the actors playing them are so fascinating, they almost eclipse everything that happens in the latter half of the movie.

There’s also a thread of the girl’s parents and how they react to the couple, and their own relationship with her.  The initial scenes of the two protagonists, in the middle of their relationship or even before they become a couple are some of the best and most relomantic because the movie really captures the feeling if being in love, and when everything seems beautiful and innocent.

Naveen Chandra and Niveda Chandra are both very well cast the protagonists of the movie, and their chemistry together is undeniable and beautiful to look at. Together, they capture something more innocent and complex, before the actual complexities of the plot lead them to separation and other dramatic moments.

Director Ajay Vodhirala is certainly better at evoking romance than action sequences, and they really feel like tacked on. There is no necessity to make the movie more interesting by putting action in it when the story is so good. Still, with the help of its charismatic leads, the movie is worth watching.

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