Julie 2 movie trailer review: Raai Laxmi in Hot Avtar

Julie 2 movie trailer review: Raai Laxmi in Hot Avtar
Written by Shilpi Gupta

Raai Laxmi Starrer Julie 2 hits the screen today. The actress is looking in the hot and sensational avatar. With Julie 2 movie Mankatha actress made debut in the Bollywood. It’s a story of a girl enter in Bollywood and faces casting couch in this world of Bollywood life. The film was written and directed by Deepak Shivdasani and Vijay Nair is a producer. The film is presented by Pahlaj Nihalani. director Shivdasani tried his best to make you emotional with heart touching scenes of sleazy producers and salivating Bollywood celebs who want to take Julie’s advantage. support cast and actors like Ravi Kishen, Rati Agnihotri, and Sahil Salathia, Aditya Srivastava try hard to give a movie suspense-thriller dose to the audience.
The movie is the mixed bag of drama and thriller, it’s an old wine in the new bottle the same stereotypical women oriented in which a highly ambitious small-town girl fulfills her dream of becoming an actress and rises to become a star and superstar. she also did the main role of one politician’s wife and become famous in the politicians and she also became famous as a porn star in Bollywood movies. soon she becomes very high profile superstar.  But her stardom is soon eclipsed by the dark side of the glamorous industry and she faced the problem where she was alone to handle them.
the audience can easily relate with Julie as the story is somewhat repetitive as how newbie enters the big bad Bollywood and how she gets abused by big players. The climax is predictable in the starting minutes of the second half of the movie. The movie would worth a watch.

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