John Abraham starrer ‘Parmanu’ gets an astonishing trailer, finally!!

John Abraham starrer ‘Parmanu’ gets an astonishing trailer, finally!!

After a delay of many months with legal troubles and everything in between, John Abraham took to social media and revealed the phenomenal trailer of ‘Parmanu’. He might be having another ‘Madras Cafe’ in his filmography and this has the capability to become a classic in the genre. John is going to get his credibility back which was perhaps a little dark after Force 2 and Rocky handsome. This is a highly content driven film, which is using John the star in a good way to sell an important story instead of bare chested performed dance moves.

In his film, he will be donning many different looks but the coolest of them is the mustache part. Abhishek Sharma’s film looks really sincere instead of trying to be fancy with the mammoth project they have picked up. Visuals are rich in design and one hopes if they had the budget to make this film exactly with what the scope of it is. In a rather lethal sense, film is dwelling into the politics of the world surrounding nuclear capabilities when John said that China is supplying nuclear to Pakistan. India became a nuclear country under the leadership of prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and perhaps they will take names as they should.

Madras Cafe was one of the more hardcore political thrillers but they still did not take the name of Rajiv Gandhi and just referred him as prime minister. Madras Cafe was ban in many countries and southern India as well, which should not be the fate of Parmanu. Producers of the film are in a legal jiffy with each other about the rights but it should get a release this time as the original date was 8 December 2017 and it has already been pushed for about 6 whole months. Trailer will generate a huge hype around the film.

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