Jio Filmfare awards 2018 voting open now: support the artist you love

Jio Filmfare awards 2018 voting open now: support the artist you love

The voting for Jio Film Awards has began, and people will now be able to vote for their favorite stars, movies and other categories in a movie that was released this year. People will now be able to decide what performances they loved and whom they would like to see win one of the most prestigious awards of the Indian film industry. The Filmfare awards have become one of the most famous award shows in the film industry because of the exposure it confirms for the actor or the artist who is able to achieve it.

Now, with the support of the fans their performances and craft can reach an even larger number of people, if they’re able to win the award. The process for the voting is very simple and won’t take more than ten minutes. All the person who wants to cast his or her vote has to do is, go to the official website of the Jio Filmfare Awards 2018, where they’ll find a page dedicated to the voting process. Then the person will be asked to fill in their names and email id, after which the categories for the movies will begin to show and all you have to do is write the name you want to vote for, and with film which they belong.

People should note that the categories they will be voting for are, Best male performance in a movie, Best Female performance, supporting performances and music. Everyone is advised to vote what they feel is right, other than just being a fan of the artist they want to vote for. The Filmfare awards 2018 will be held in January and the winners will be announced at the night of the ceremony. So, if you want your artist to win, you should vote for them and spread the news to your movie watching family and friends.

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