Jimmy Sheirgill and Simi Chahal starrer ‘Daana Pani’ trailer out and it is so routine

Jimmy Sheirgill and Simi Chahal starrer ‘Daana Pani’ trailer out and it is so routine

A rather subtle and nuanced look at the story of a soldier actually is not recognizing anything soldier about this story. Jimmy plays a soldier who has come as a guest in this village and is clearly attracting the attention of young ladies. One of those young ones is his soon to be wife traditionally. According to a very specific tradition boys and girls are verbally wed to each other when they are little with a promise that when they grow up they will marry each other for real and makers of this film are trying to romanticize this rather backward process of life.

Jimmy goes to the village and finds Simi with whom he got married as a child and they both fall in love over this until the elders now decided that their marriage needs to be called off. Now Jimmy’s character gets angry decides to be revengeful as he really likes this young lady. Basic premise of the plot has absolutely nothing new in it as it has been explored in many Punjabi films before in some or he other capacity. Jimmy is an excellent actor and the film seems to be dependent of his subtlety.

Lack of story is one of the many weak points of this film as the performances of other people but Jimmy is also not upto the mark. They seem one dimensional characters in the scenes that were constructed in a very lousy manner adding substance only to the length of the film. Film tries really hard to dwell in the realistic zone of cinema but except Sheirgill’s character, nothing else is seemingly authentic. Trailer was not able to generate a  lot of curiosity amongst the audience by the sheer nature of it but since Jimmy is a massive star in Punjab people would show up for his film as it releases on 4 May.

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