Jennifer Lawrence starer Mother! gets an intense horrifying trailer

Jennifer Lawrence starer Mother! gets an intense horrifying trailer

Darren Aronofsky’s Mother! has been the talk of the film world by the time it was announced. Any film fan would take Javier Bardem and Jennifer Lawrence together as heaven but it is indescribable when they are being directed by master of delusional horror Darren Aronofsky. After the biblical epic Noah, Aronofsky returns to the genre he has created and forgot to name. Treatment of Black Swan could put any quintessential horror film to shame and yet manages to haunt one’s nightmares. Paramount pictures released a teaser of Mother! a few days back and got incredible response on it. YouTube comment section is the meanest and nastiest place in the world and if that mob does not rip your project in half than a stars fall from the sky and blesses that project.

Trailer of the film starts by ticking all the horror boxes : A big home, A big home in a lonely place, A big home with husband and wife, a big home with husband, wife and terror. As the couple (Lawrence and Bardem) have moved into their new house they are terrorized by unwanted guests, which leads to scary shouts and faces made up of unidentified matter. The concept of Aronofsky is new and old with it’s obvious plot points but never seen before treatment.

The treatment of Black Swan and Requiem for a dream has not been able to appeal to the wider audience but a certain section is completely bowled over by that. Mother! also uses that kind of screenplay but less surrealism. Trailer of the film is completely hard on the heels and it is clear that film will shake up some foundation of horror genre. Mother! has been eyed as an important Oscar contender from paramount in all the categories.

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