Jab Harry met Sejal movie review: What to expect from the film

Jab Harry met Sejal movie review: What to expect from the film

Jab Harry met Sejal is a Shahrukh Khan starrer and its his second film this year after Raees which came in january. Directed by Imtiaz Ali, film is about a tour guide (Harry) who is lost in his own world and does not know what to expect from life on the next turn. In europe during one of his job as a tour guide he meets Sejal, who hangs on to him in order to find a lost ring that was given to her by her fiance.

Harry and Sejal move along in the beautiful sights of europe searching for a ring as they fall into a lot of adventures or rather misadventures. At one point of time Harry reveals to Sejal that he is actually from Punjab and a singer, he then takes her to his hometown in punjab. Film is essentially a love story but not a typical swooning one instead it will be a bit edgy and thought provoking as Ali’s film usually do.

Film primary revolves around the philosophy that whatever one wants in life and runs for is also running towards you if your heart and intentions are true about it. Harry is looking for existential meaning in his life and to find that he runs through the world as a tour guide but the meaning of life comes unexpectedly to him in the form of misunderstood love from Sejal. Initially he is reluctant to adapt to the fact that he has fallen in love with her and neither does she but eventually the love will find them or anybody when you are expecting it the least.

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