Jab Harry met Sejal: King Khan is on Zee TV today at 5:00 PM

Jab Harry met Sejal: King Khan is on Zee TV today at 5:00 PM
Written by Shilpi Gupta

Today Harry will meet Sejal on world television premiere on Zee TV as Jab Harrey Met Sejal is coming at 5:00 PM. Shah Rukh Khan tweet and introduce the timing of movie. King Khan tweet Poster of the movie and ask the audience to watch Jab Harry met Sejal on Zee TV at 5:00 PM.

Harinder Singh Nehra (Harry) is a tourist guide in Netherlands in Amsterdam. He is a friendly and helpful guide. one day he met to Sejal Zaveri, who has lost her engagement ring. Sejal asks him to help him to find her ring and He agrees to help her. While searching for the ring, they become friends and he tells her that he wants to become a singer and he had left his home in Nur Mahal village and came to Canada to be a singer, he fails to be a singer and that’s how he became a tour guide. Harry and Sejal travel to places where he had initially taken the Sejal family, to find her ring. During this, Harry falls in love with Sejal but does not show, as she was already engaged to someone else. Soon they get that a criminal named as Gas has stolen the ring. They go to Gas to for ring but Harry gets thrashed and stuck by Gas’s criminals. Later, Sejal finds the ring in her own bag but she does not tell Harry about the ring as she wanted to spend some more time with him. after some time she decided to leave for India. harry go with her to drop her on airport their she shows her ring and tells him all. She returns to India and Harry miss her and gets depressed. than Harry flies for Mumbai to go to her wedding. On reaching the venue, he gets that he was at someone else marriage and Sejals’s marriage was called off.  They went to Harry’s village Nur Mahal and share their feelings with each other.

Go and open your TV to watch out King’s romantic and comedian movie

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