Ivan Thanthiran Tamil movie review: A solid comeback of Gautham Karthik

Ivan Thanthiran Tamil movie review: A solid comeback of Gautham Karthik
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Ivan Thanthiran movie is the solid comeback of Gautham Karthik’s as it is his third release of the year. It hits the screen of theatres from today with a voice against corruption. It begins abruptly with an action bang in the middle and keeps everyone hooked till the end. It had an ordinary response from the audiences. It is Indian Tamil action-romance movie which is written and directed by R. Kannan. The story of the movie revolves around the corruption in engineering college which affected the students in the scores of engineering graduation, unemployment and suicide because of an FB post which went viral. It somehow manages to keep everyone stuck where RJ Balaji ensures to crack crisp jokes. Mostly it revolves around the current affairs and the current events like Make in India. Still, it doesn’t lose pace with touted script, dialogues, narration and action. The action seamlessly shifts from the immediate to a flashback of sorts to tie us to the loose ends.

Lots of references given to current happenings and upheld the lives of engineering students to make this movie more emotional and heart touching. Like always this time also Gautham Karthik never loses that cocky cloth and holds the scene on his own. he turned from being a lazy college kid to a affronted guy like a roaring tiger. It also features Shraddha Srinath who did a commendable job and emotes with ease. Though overall this had an immediate reaction engineering college and computers in the same line. It is not similar to Shivaji-The Boss of Rajinikanth. It seems impossible for a college dropout to be doing what Kollywood’s movie does. But we can say that it is spiffy entertainment for a one time watch.

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