Ishaan Khatter’s ‘Beyond the Clouds’ trailer out and it is gut wrenching

Ishaan Khatter’s ‘Beyond the Clouds’ trailer out and it is gut wrenching
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Celebrated Iranian film maker Majid Majidi making his debut in Hindi cinema with a take on innocent young love and complexities of human relationships by the name of ‘Beyond the Clouds’. Brother of Padmaavat actor Shahid Kapoor, Ishaan Khatter is making his debut with this film including Malavika Mohanan who is the female protagonist. Story of the film is set in Mumbai suburbs where Ishaan is playing a boy of the road without any comfortable means in life as he is paving the way of his destiny by illegal mischief.

Ishaan’s character falls in love with Malavika’s character as they are from the same neighborhood and want to run away from their with substantial enough money to thrive but Malavika gets caught by the man from whom they both were running and than she is sent to jail where she pleads to Ishaan that he should take her out or she will die in there though she clearly does not want to. The basic plot of the film is awfully similar to the done and dusted tale of Romeo and Juliet in which the lovers are on the run.

Majidi has his take on the story by making this one a more survival story of two misfits than the pure cause of running away being romance and cast issues. Ishaan’s performance seems extremely nuanced and shows that brilliant acting runs with in their family be it Shahid or Pankaj kapoor. Majidi is certainly one of the most acclaimed directors in the world and know for his nuanced film making style though it seems as though he has converted his language of direction in accordance to Hindi cinema. Beyond the Clouds is extremely vibrant and culturally pro active according to the narrative of cinema that is being spoken in the world of Hindi films and Majidi seems to have understood.


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