Irumbu Thirai movie review: Hand combative cyber terrorism tale!!

Irumbu Thirai movie review: Hand combative cyber terrorism tale!!
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Why would one pick up the theme of cyber war when the solution to that is simply standing in front of each other and trying to land gut punches. They absolutely had to kick each other as that would solve the cyber terrorism problem in this world but why even have this plot. It is just an attempt to develop a new kind of action thriller instead of beating up the rowdies with bare hands but eventually this is what happens so it kind of beats it’s own point. A whole new language of action films have been trying to discover but it hardly makes sense.

Vishal plays an army officer in the film who is rather rowdy in his approach as if anything is new about this characteristic in Tamil cinema. There is an actual dialogue when Samantha asks Vishal’s character if he gets angry too often which might just be the worst lead up to an action sequence. Vishal’s character points out corruption in the army and how the army men are not getting enough dues from the government as far as basic aids are concerned.

From that societal problem point film goes into a terrible state of finding a villain with the face who is the masthead of cyber terrorism. Beating one man down to the guts in an old factory action sequence is not going to solver bad cyber stuff hence a storyteller should look at a bigger picture of the theme they have chosen. If somebody tries to show the terrorism by killing Osama Bin Laden than they just lack knowledge and analytical skills of how things actually work. Cyber terrorism is such a wide topic and reducing it to a gut punch fight is nothing more than an unpardonable crime in storytelling. Overall no one should bother watching this movie.

Irumbu Thirai movie review: Hand combative cyber terrorism tale!!

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