Irrfan Khan diagnosed with NeuroEndocrine tumour, to fly abroad for treatment

Irrfan Khan diagnosed with NeuroEndocrine tumour, to fly abroad for treatment

Irrfan Khan’s health had been a subject of debate and some objectionable reporting after he announced that he had been diagnosed with some mysterious disease. Irrfan has now revealed through an official statement that he has been diagnosed with NeuroEndocrine tumour. Irrfan released the statement on his twitter account and also stated that he is flying abroad for the treatment. He began the statement by the quote from the Gone with the wind writer, Margaret Mitchell, “Life is under no obligation to give us what we expect.” He has appreciated the love and wishes that he has recieved and about the rumors that he had brain cancer, he said that people should now try to google the meaning of the disease that he has been diagnosed with.

In the end, he wrote that he hopes to be back with stories to tell to the world. This should put end to all the speculations that had been floating around in the media about his health and people should wish him for a speedy recovery.

Irrfan was scheduled to begin shooting a new movie with Deepika Padukone, which was going to be directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, but he suddenly fell ill, with what was at first reported to be jaundice, but turned out to be something far serious and troubling. As it was already cleared by Irrfan, Neuro doesn’t mean that the cancer is related to the brain, as they most occur in intenstine, but are also found in pancreas, lung other parts of the body.


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