Inttelligent movie review: They could not even get the spelling right, make what you want of it!

Inttelligent movie review: They could not even get the spelling right, make what you want of it!

Inttelligent is a kind of film that have invented a genre in Telugu cinema called ‘Routine films”. These routine films are essentially formula films that have been around for decades, looking and smelling the same. A routine film has it’s climax clear which is an indestructible death of the bad guy in a rather elaborated and now plainly boring action sequences where hero fights 50 odd goons to lead up to the main villain and confronts him by looking right in the camera and than takes about 2 minutes to provide the leisure of death.

Telugu cinema has abused this form of storytelling more than an addict has ever abused pot. Sai Teja is one such actor who is primarily in the field of cinema because routine films exist because they are asked to act they would not know the difference between turning right and left as it is their job to be in the film as themselves and impress the fans of B and C center who have vowed to not allow their favorite film stars the permission to go into the skin of different human being and be new every time.

The story and screenplay of the film is more outdated than the dialogues they have used in it as nobody with an average and below average would find any problem to tell the next scene of the film because they all look the same with similar kind of lines which are apparently punch lines that are suppose to be generating thunderous response in the theater but makers forgot some facts that new age cinema has finally risen in Telugu market and blockbuster success of Arjun Reddy while phenomenal failure of Pawan Kalyan’s Agnyaathvaasi proves that instead of being at the mercy of mercy film makers should be at the mercy of writers with good stories. No one should bother watching this film at all.

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