Indians will be inspired by ‘Weird Wonders…’ stories: Jo Shinner

Jo Shinner, executive producer of “Weird Wonders of the World”, says she is confident that the show will entertain and fascinate Indian audiences with its stories.

“Weird Wonders of the World”, telecast in India on Sony BBC Earth, uncovers secrets behind bizarre science, animal oddities, crazy weather, medical miracles and remarkable natural phenomena.

“I’m hoping that every audience gets entertained with this refreshing take on nature documentaries. I think they could watch it because all the stories are about six minutes long so you know you get entertained in that attention span,” Shinner told IANS in an email.

“It is so easy to watch these you could go and smack all the stories and I’m hoping the Indian audiences will be hugely entertained, fascinated and inspired by these stories,” she added.

Talking about the series, Shinner said: “I love this series because it is crazy and interesting to have such a deep level of thought but at the same time it is really fun because it’s got a really good mixture of eye-witness accounts and modern scientific theory, with stories that make you cry and laugh at the same time.”

Shinner says that with the series they wanted “to look at the science part of it, make it an entertaining series but also wanted to find out what actually the truth is behind all these stories”.

“So it is easy to get inspired by this weird world of bizarre fire, animal, or the crazy weather, medical marvels and then decide if it is good for us. So it’s a whole mad world that you could talk about,” she added.

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