Independence day India 2017 Movies : Patriotic films that showed the reality of India freedom @ 70

Independence day India 2017 Movies : Patriotic films that showed the reality of India freedom @ 70

India is ready to celebrate 70th Independence day 2017 , Hindi film industry has made a lot of Patriotic movies that show patriotism as this is the most primary emotion after love that every countrymen feels and that is why we have more romantic movies. Indian Independence is only 70 years old attained in 1947 and post that the country had started building itself. Major themes of Film makers of golden age was an ordinary Indian men struggling because of system or poverty. Films like Awaara and Mother India tackled those themes. Post the millennium there have been quite a few films that touched our hearts.

1 Lagaan -Once upon a time in India

Lagaan is an essential film because it had put India on the world map by getting nominated for Oscars. Lagaan turned every film theater in the country into a cricket stadium where everybody was actually shouting Bhuvan at the end of a 4 hour film.

2 Gadar- Ek Prem Katha

The original prem katha which was released on the same day as Lagaan and both the films ran magnificently in the theaters. Story of an ordinary Punjabi man who goes to Pakistan to get his wife back was an epic in the true sense of the word.

3 Swades

Directed by Ashutosh Gowariker this Shahrukh Khan starer works wonderfully when it comes to narrating the tale of rural India. Interesting choice of plot when gowariker decided to tell the story through the eyes of a man who has come America and despite being an Indian feels that he has not contributed to his country as much as he did to NASA.

4 Sarfarosh

It is a very underrated Aamir Khan film in which he plays ACP Ajay Rathore who became an IPS officer to make sure that the calamity done to his family by terrorists does not happen to any anymore. Naseeruddin Shah brilliantly played the role of Gulfam Ali who was an ISI agent in the cover of a ghazal singer from Pakistan trying to immigrate arms in the country.

A conversation about Hindi films in general and especially about patriotic films can’t be completed till we name Rang De Basanti.

5 Rang De Basanti

A Nation skipped its heartbeat when DJ said, “Zindagi jeene ki Do hi Tareeke hote hain”. This film with Swades were actually the most influential patriotic films of 21st century as they connected youth with the sacrifice people of this country have made to get the free air.

There are some other films for some other time but if people actually get inspired by cinema than above mentioned films should be in priority to get inspired from.

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