Ikyawann to premiere tonight on Star Plus at 8:30 PM

Ikyawann to premiere tonight on Star Plus at 8:30 PM

Ikyawann is a news show that will be premiering tonight on Star Plus, at 8:30 and it is looking to be a very intriguing look at a girl, who is the 51st daughter to be born in a family but is brought up to be like a boy. Prachi Tehlan, a former successful sportswoman who represented India in 2010 commonwealth games, and who made her acting debut with the hit show, Piya Aur Baati Hum, is going to play the lead of the serial, Susheel Parekh. The concept of the show is a different one from the standard Saas bahu drama, and people are liking it, as well as the hashtag launched by the show, hashtag Not Shaadi Material.

Star Plus’ twitter account also released a short clip in which women and young girls  were interviewed on the streets about if they don’t have certain characteristics, or don’t fit the mold of a perfect housewife. The show has a feminist slant to it, which will help its viewer ship.

It is yet to be seen how well the serial is going to perform, as  it will be replaying Chandra Nandani, but public, and especially women, are showing interest in the shows marketing and story line, so they’ll be checking this out tonight.


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