IFFI 2017 opening ceremony today, amid controversy Shahrukh Khan to inaugurate

IFFI 2017 opening ceremony today, amid controversy Shahrukh Khan to inaugurate

International Film Festival of India will have its opening ceremony today, amid the controversy surrounding film Padmavati and Actress Shabana Azmi’s calls for a total boycott in support of it. Still, the festival seems good to go, and it looks like no one is  going to any boycott it after all, even as it goes against everything that has been happening these days. Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Smirti Irani tweeted in support of the festival, and Shahrukh Khan will be inaugurating it, while Salman Khan will close the the ceremony. Katrina Kaif, and Padmavati actor, Shahid Kapoor are also going to grace the opening ceremony.

IFFI 2017 is going to take place at Mukherjee stadium in Bambolim, which is near Panaji, Goa.

The Indian Panorama section will be inaugurated by acclaimed actress SriDevi. Numerous international movies are going to premiere at the festival, with judges deciding the winner. In addition to them, american classic Metropolis, by Fritz Lang, and the Tarkovsky’s Sacrifice are going to screen for the guests.

The prize winner will be granted a whopping 1 crore, and 15 films will be competing. The jury will be headed by the acclaimed Muzaffar Ali, and also included director Maxine Williamson, Australia, actor-director Tzahi Grad from Isreal, Russian cinematographer Vladislav Opelyants, director and production designer Roger Christian, who hails from the United Kingdom. Movies by women directors will also be showcased in the festival.

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