Telugu filmmaker Puri Jagannath has slammed the media and said that TV news channels have destroyed his life, he made the comment after being questioned by the Telangana’s excise officials probing a drug racket case in Hyderabad. The Tollywood director posted a video on Facebook and Twitter to express his feelings after being questioned by the Special Investigating Team(SIT) for the whole day on Wednesday.

He denied any links with the accused who has been arrested in the case, he said that the channels have been running special programs to “knowingly or unknowingly” to sensationalise the things,  he said that his entire family is in shock and suffering, “the media has destroyed my life,” he quoted. Puri is one of the 12 Tollywood personalities to be served notices by the SIT.

Puri said that he knows the journalists, he has been always friendly with them and he will be meeting them again, but the journalists have disturbed him a lot. “If there is anything, the SIT officers will decide,” he said. He further added that he has always liked and respected the police department and has already made many films on them. He has also made a film ‘Ism’ on journalists.

On the investigation, the 50-year old filmmaker said that he told the investigating team that he has no links with Calvin gang and he never met them. Calvin Mascarenhas is the kingpin of the drug racket. He called himself a very responsible person and has never been into anything which is illegal and said that he is always ready to go to the SIT officers whenever they call him.

Posted by Puri Jagannadh on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Actor Prakash Raj has come in support of the director

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