The circus around the Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut feud has been widely reported and read by everyone in the country, with Ranaut taking the lead and putting the blame on Roshan, painting him to be a stalker and a creep in an alleged relationship that lasted 7 years. The issue has taken a whirlwind of interest from the every corner of bollywood, with celebrities taking sides and making it seem that one party is certainly lying while the other is the innocent victim of identity fraud and transgression on her privacy.

Kangana has been outspoken about the affair, and has done her damdest well to inform everyone that she was harrased by Hrithik and his family, going on to say that she’d even recieved threats from people in the industry and was afraid for her life.

But now, Hrithik has finally spoken and in a tweet sent some minutes ago, he lays bare the truth about the relationship, citing the bias that people have regarding the belief that a girl is always telling the truth and also claims to have proof that he had no relationship with Kangana Ranaut

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