Howrah Bridge movie review: A colorful, dramatic love story

Howrah Bridge movie review: A colorful, dramatic love story

Howrah Bridge, directed by Rewon Yadu and starring Chandini Chawdhary, Rahul Ravindran and Rao Ramesh, along with others, is a love story about two people and how they come together. It is also about a dozen different things, and could have sliced away most of the fat from the story, as there are times in the movie that the audience might feel that there are too many contrived moments and twists that don’t make any sense. But, it all hangs together somehow because of the chemistry between the leads, Chandini and Rahul.

It is their performances and the bond that the two characters feel that makes the movie worth while, and makes you forget most of its difiencies. Chandini is a natural performance, and fills the screen with her charming presence. Her character might have been a cliche in the hands of a lesser actress, but Chandini takes full control of her character and never seems to miss a cue on screen, she’s lively and intense. It’s a joy to see her perform on-screen. But, this isn’t to say that she overshadows Rahul, who is another capable actor who is able to make even the most clunkiest of lines and make it his own. They both have a very good chemistry with each other, and their courtship is the best part of the movie.

But, there’s also the more dramatic part of the story, one that links to the Howrah bridge, which isn’t as interesting as the main characters. The supporting cast is also wasted in stereotypical roles, but all perform very well. The movie deserves to be seen at least one time, if only to see the two main leads sparkle on the big screen.


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