Ganesha Australian advertisement led to protest by Hindu community

Ganesha Australian advertisement led to protest by Hindu community

Lord Ganesha is the most followed among the Hindu community and is believed to be very lucky for starting any new thing. Recently, Lord Ganesha was portrayed in an advertisement of Lamb where he was shown enjoying a lamb meal with other lords and deities too which created a protest and anger the Hindu groups in Australia and held a peaceful demonstration against the advertisement and described it as insulting to their faith.

The anger took a new phase when the protests came against the Australian advertisment and the watchdog dismissed their complained by the Hindu groups which was launched by the Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA). The members of the community on Sunday organised rallied in major Australian cities which included Melbourne, Brisbane and Melbourne. If reports are to be believed, then we get to know that Kushagra Bhatnagar of Overseas Friends of BJP (Australia) said that the demonstrations were held to create awareness about Lord Ganesha and also said that Lord Ganesha was a vegetarian and ladoos are offered to him not lamb. Several Hindus formed a chain and expressed their anger against the advertisement.

Moreover a complaint has been lodged with the Australian government for the removal of the advertisement and on this the Australia’s Advertisement Standards Bureau (ASB) said while that although many Hindus are vegetarian but vegetarianism is not the main requirement in faith.



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