Hindi Medium Movie Review : Make it your weekend watch!!

Hindi Medium Movie Review : Make it your weekend watch!!
Written by Ravleen Khera

Hindi Medium has finally hit the theatres to show that how Hindi Medium people are underestimated in our society. A Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar featuring movie has hyped a lot amongst the audience as the movie revolves around a very sensitive issue that is a child’s admission in a school whose parents have been from a Hindi medium background.

If we talk about Irrfan Khan, undoubtedly he is an excellent actor and he has done complete justice to the acting and Saba Qamar who has made her debut in the film industry with this move is nowhere behind.


Raj Batra (Irrfan Khan) is doing extremely well with his prospering Chandni Chowk clothing store, while his wife ‘Mithu’ Mita Batra is hell bent on switching to a classier lifestyle (read English speaking angrezi lifestyle) so that their daughter Pia’s (Dishita Sehgal) admission into an upmarket English medium school is secured thus ensuring a bright future for her.

To achieve this they are ready to go to any heights. So they move out of their so called ‘down market’ locality to live in a posh colony, switch to branded designer wear for clothes and a ton of other such things which they believe will make them ‘fit in’ with the socially and economically affluent janta in Delhi. But we all know, how the delhi high society functions. After some hilarious sequences with the school authorities and when the admission process fails to go through, they come up with a backup plan.

Remember how the Right To Education Act sets down the rule for a quota of 25 percent of all seats in public and private schools reserved for the poor? Yes, Raj and Mithu with their eyes on this quota, now move into a downtrodden, poor locality just to be eligible for the ‘gareeb quota’. Here they meet Shyam Prakash (Deepak Dobriyal) who enlightens them with a few valuable lessons that changes their outlook.

Genre : Comedy

Cast: Irrfan Khan, Saba Qamar, Deepak Dobriyal

Director: Saket Chaudhary

Rating: 4/5

Duration: 2hours 12 minutes


Irrfan Khan carries the film on his able bankable shoulders. He shines in his role as the confused yet desperate parent, trying to come to terms with the double standards in our education system and society in general. Pakistani actress Saba Qamar seamlessly blends the stubborn, dominating wife with the adorable wife/mother with clean intentions and heart in the right place. Deepak Dobriyal with his emotional scenes proves once again how grossly underused he is in the film industry.

Not to forget Irrfan and Saba make the most believable onscreen couple we have seen in a long time. Their chemistry is nothing short of magic and yet is extremely true to real life.

Hindi Medium, though gets a bit OTT in some parts with the climax being predictable, still manages to drive home the point it intended to highlight. And it does so, while being extremely relatable and funny all through.

This one makes for a good weekend watch!

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