Hindi Medium film Will Make You Laugh & Cry!

Hindi Medium film Will Make You Laugh & Cry!

Taran Adarsh the movie critic twitted on his twitter account that Hindi Medium has come up with the relevant and topical film. As the movie high points over the struggles of parents, and what they go for the admission of their children. While briefly highlighting the topic based on how people in India treat people who don’t know English.

The movie revolves around a very delicate subject of our society today. The problems that parents face while going for the admission of their child and how person who doesn’t know English is dominated in our society. The story line of the movie is sensitive and will defiantly reach to the heart of the audience.

The director of the movie Dinesh Vijan says, this movie has the potential and therefore, the decided to give the movie more time to promote and so they have pushed the release date of the movie. The director of the movie is full of confident about how the film has shaped up and sure that the audience will love it too.

The movie Hindi Medium is also said to be a remake of a Bengali movie named Ramdhanu. The plot of the 2014 Bengali film is also highly similar, bordering on being the same, with a mother trying to get her deadbeat husband to help her get their 5 year-old son into a fancy English school.

The whole team is very excited about the film and personally feel the subject of the film will bring notice to our education system and everybody in the country can relate to it. Earlier the movie was scheduled to release on 12th May but now they have pushed the date. Now the movie will hit the silver screens on 19th May,2017.

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