Hindi Medium: English is not a language in India; It is a class

Hindi Medium: English is not a language in India; It is a class

Hindi Medium, a film which has hyped a lot due to its sensitive topic that is the importance of English language. The story is as similar to the Half Girlfriend because in that movie also, Chetan Bhagat has outlined the importance of English language. The film stars Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar who have done an excellent job by portraying the film so nicely by their excellent acting.

As Saba Qamar puts in the film, ‘English is not a language in India. It is a class.’ In a similar sense, Hindi Medium is not a film, it is a feeling. It is a feeling that every person has to face once in life atleast,whose second language is not English or who has not been privileged enough to gain education from an English medium school or merely someone who prefers to speak in their mother tongue rather than English. It is that unadulterated feeling of being yourself and not succumbing to societal pressure.

After getting to know the stoyline and also watching the trailer, the people need to wait for one day more as the movie is set to release tomorrow. Hindi Medium hammers home this idea in such a lighthearted manner that it does not feel like a bitter antidote to deal with a colonial hangover. Rather, it is a sweet pill that you do not mind taking. The film does not uphold Hindi as the linguistic supremo but emphasises more on India’s obsession with English.

Irrfan Khan and Pakistani actor Saba Qamar play a couple who have acquired a Hindi medium education in a government school but aspire to make their daughter study in a top English medium private school so that ‘she does not go through the same struggle that they did’. They are willing to go to any hilarious, and at the same time saddening, extent to get their daughter admitted to a school reserved for the elite.

Irrfan, as usual, does his act of a humble guy who falls for a girl at the first sight. He plays a obeying husband, but not out of submission. He just does not take his life seriously and chooses to take it one unreasonable demand at a time, the sign of a good husband.

Saba’s character, on the other hand, comes across as one-dimensional. She is an insecure mother who lets herself fall prey to the fear of failure instilled in her by society and the educational institutes.

Now there is no need to recite the story or get to understand the movie by watching the trailer as the movie is finally getting released tomorrow. Take your family and witness Irrfan’s excellent acting.

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