High Jack movie review: Unfunny and boring

High Jack movie review: Unfunny and boring

High Jack, directed by Akarsh Khurrana and starring Sumeet Vyas, Sonnalli Seygall, Mantra, is an often unfunny and witless movie that makes fun of one of the big fears of people, and does it in a way that makes the whole thing feel like an insult rather than comedy. The movie pretends to be light and breezy, but comes out as forced and offensive. The actors do what they can, but can’t make the flaws of the script work. The idea of a highjacking could be used to make a movie that could be funny and potent, but everything in High Jack is so tired and lame that it can’t even manage to be funny.

The movie, tries to make up for the flaws in the script with the charms of the actors. And yes, they do manage to make the audience laugh at certain places in the movie, like a party that erupts while the plane is still hijacked. Such surreal scene is what makes the movie stand out, and also gives a glimpse of creativity in the story, which uses cliches to get to the end.

There have been many bad comedy movies, but this one had a lot of potential, since Sumeet Vyas and Mantra are at the top of their game in the movie and its their charisma that makes it bearable for the audiences. In short, the movie is nothing special and can easily be avoided. The actors and the audiences both deserve better projects that will serve them well, and not bore them into sleeping.

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