Hate Story IV trailer review: SOFTPORN

Hate Story IV trailer review: SOFTPORN

T Series dropped the trailer of Hate Story IV for whoever wanting this and the audio video imagery is resentful. Urvashi Rautela stars in this soft porn of a film which does not have a story in the first place. Finding a story in this film is like fill in the dialogue blanks from where there is no casual sex scene because it is everywhere. This is not even erotica like Murder, it is just one way of gathering audience of B and C center which one can only find in India and asking them to watch people kissing leading upto nothing by paying the ticket price.

This is so pathetically shameful to even have these films any more in the times when people are fighting against their own lives to have their work of art exhibited while this piece of film is so regressive in it’s smell. Indian censors allow only so much nudity which is the reason why some film maker have to stop themselves from going totally ridiculous. Nudity on screen is alright as long as it serves some or the other purpose but to have ladies in transparent sarees in mountains with bad songs is just porn gone wrong.

TV actor Karan Wahi must have gotten really desperate for a film and he does this which will clearly dissolve whatever little career he had in the first place. Film has nothing but two people pretending to kiss on several different locations with bad dialogues and utter crap direction with stinky camera angles and most pathetic possible screenplay. It is so difficult to judge this trailer as one will eventually fall short of idiotic acronyms to put together and make a review out of this. A bad script will only make a bad film which will give bad experience to audience and it is not complicated than this.

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