Haseena Movie Review: Lovely and naughty drama for adults

Haseena Movie Review: Lovely and naughty drama for adults
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Haseena is ‘lovely, naughty and sexy’ movie for adults. It is restricted to adults as the censor board has given A certificate to it. Haseena movie is directed by Vicky Ranawat and produced under the banner of Khushi Films and Harsh Dream Ventures. It stars Innayat Sharma along with Arpit, Ankur, Mohit, Khayati, Leena and Aalya in the lead role. Haseena is the sensual movie revolves around a girl Haseena who erotically makes fool of three boys. This erotic drama is all set behind Haseena with some crispy and exotic scenes. Obviously, Haseena is not the family kind movie.

Haseena Movie Review: The plot of the Haseena movie set behind Haseena and three boys who went to Goa with their girlfriends for a party. However, became the soft targets of a beautiful, exotic and sensual girl named Haseena. She killed three of them with her curvy body. The movie starts with the story of creepy and lusty boys who takes their girlfriends to Goa for to enjoy a party. In Goa, Haseena sees boys and follows them to Mumbai. She approached them as a salesgirl, consequently, boys swooned by her beauty. Then boys invite Haseena to the house party where all goes well until she refused to leave the home and looted them. After giving a dose to boys, Haseena looted and left the house in search of another target.

It is the sensual and erotic drama revolves around smart girl Haseena. Innayat Sharma plays the role of Haseena character. Innayat’s role makes audiences crazy, her exotic looks and beauty make this movie more sizzling. The screenplay and the cinematography of the Haseena movie are appreciable. However, it is good for a one-time watch. The scenes will keep the audiences bound to it. Overall, it is lovely, sensual and naughty drama with an okayish story.

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