Harjeet movie review: Ammy Virk wears the athlete and the sports

Harjeet movie review: Ammy Virk wears the athlete and the sports
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Ammy Virk is portraying the Punjabi sporting legend Harjeet, who got world cup in Hockey for the country. This biopic nature of storytelling has nothing unique in it but a lot of heart. It is a problem in this country as to when people start making biopics in here about the famous personalities than they are literally treated like the most idealistic human beings in every frame, which goes against the very nature of life itself. Yes, somebody did something great which is a film on it is being made but they have also lead a life which should be considered actually because for the grey nature of it.

It becomes so difficult for an audience member to relate to such ionic lives which would have had absolutely no bad day in it. All the finest morals and ethics would be rolled into one human being and eh would be described as lord Ram himself. This film also deals with this syndrome and Harjeet’s already remarkable life is idealized anymore, which makes it completely dull. He is a great hockey player and did a lot of proud to this nation but we all know that he must have trained really hard on the field but everybody knows that so where is the uniqueness.

Ammy’s performance was quite on point as he was running like an athlete and not an actor who has trained in gym. He more or less carried one simple emotion through the film of working hard and wanting to achieve something plus a new narrative should be adapted where they literally try to pack an entire life. Nobody can pack one life in a 2 hour narrative hence the focus should be on an event which would describe enough attributes and drama to understand the human being spoken about.

Harjeet movie review: Ammy Virk wears the athlete and the sports

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