Big Boss Tamil updates : Harish Kalyan makes a wild card entry

Big Boss Tamil updates : Harish Kalyan makes a wild card entry

Bigg Boss Tamil, a show which is full of dramas and controversies is yet again in the headlines for its another wild card entry in the show. When Oviya dramatically exited the show, the fans threatened on the social media that they would not watch the show and with this threatening, the people thought that Oviya would come back to the show on this weekend’s wildcard entry but the opposite happened.

This weekend there were two wild card entries in the show, first one was Saju Varunee and now the second one is Harish Kalyan. Harish is an Indian television actor who is famous for his Tamil movies.  He made his debut in the 2010 movie Sindhu Samaveli opposite debut ante Amala Paul. The promos of the show being released showed Poriyaalan actor Harish Kalyan interacting with the house mates and even talking about ‘kattipudi vaidhyam.’ A few weeks ago, the host of the show Kamal Haasan was also a part of many controversies and made it quite clear that the show will be full of wild card entries in the coming week and the said was true.

As per the reports, the team of the Bigg Boss is now under a great pressure to make the show a success as the there has been a drastic drop in the TRP of the show after the exit of Oviya from the show. Due to her mental condition she has to exit the show on emergency basis. Although, it is also believed that Oviya was affected a lot when Aarav made a distance from Oriya. There has been a great change in the environment of the show as the housemates have started their behind the back talks after the entry of Suja in the show just after one hour. With the controversy of the show, it seems that there is more lot to come. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates of the show time to time.

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