Haq Se returns on April 6 2018 on ALT Balaji and new trailer released

Haq Se returns on April 6 2018 on ALT Balaji and new trailer released

Ekta Kapoor’s Haq Se is going to return on ALT Balaji on April 6 2018. The series, which is based on the novel, Little Women, was released on the streaming service on February 2, and got widespread acclaim for the cast and story, it is now going to return for the finale. A new trailer has also been released, and it seems that the drama is going to be ratcheted up to full effects as the series comes closer to its end. It seems that the conflict between the four sisters, along with the people in their lives is only going to become more extreme as the story goes along, with things getting violent and the usual melodrama of slaps and tears.

The series stars Surveen Chawala, Parul Gulati and Rajeev Khandelwal, among others, and is shot with beauty and care. Audiences loved the female oriented story, and how it was presented, and it seems to have made an impact on them.

All episodes of Haq Se were released together on the service, and they have a maximum length of 25 minutes, which is perfect for a serial, and an adaptation, since longer length makes the story bloated. Surveen Chawala’s performance as Dr. Meher Mirza has been praised by everyone, and it seems that she’s going to have a great career ahead of her.



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