Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi, the sequel to the sleeper hit, Happy Bhag Jayegi, is going to be released in 24 August 2018. The sequel stars Sonakshi Sinha with the original heroine, Diana Penty. Happy Bhag Jaygi was a surprise hit at the box office in 2016, as there hadn’t been any buzz about it, but people liked the character of Happy and the humor the most, which helped it become a success. The film, however, got mixed reviews from critics, who liked Penty’s performance but didn’t like the character. Now, it seems that the producers have heard about the audience consensus and brought in another actress who is known for comedies and has critical clout as well.

A short teaser has also been released with the announcement of the release date but it doesn’t reveal anything. It will be interesting as to where the movie takes the main character, or if it is going to have another female protagonist who goes through the same circumstances as well.

The teaser has given fans and the general audiences much excitement. It will be exiting to see two female characters share screen together, and in a movie that is about female and not about male characters giving women a part in their story. Sonakshi has proved herself to a very able actress if she’s given good roles, like in movies, Lootera and Noor, so hopefully this will be a return to better characters on-screen.

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