Happy Death Day Review : Tangy horror with ‘Live, Die and Repeat’ theme

Happy Death Day Review : Tangy horror with ‘Live, Die and Repeat’ theme
Written by Karu Cheema

Happy Death Day movie is a tangy horror which at time will flutter your heart , especially during the the death scenes. Reviewing Happy Death Day in one go is difficult as I might not be sure about the personal taste of every audience. After every 10 minutes you will encounter charming actress Jessica Rothe getting killed and in few scenes it looks like a killing gore. It would definitely appeal to the audience who liked SAW, Scream, U-turn and the alikes. Oh Boy Jessica Rothe is not only sexy but also expressive and she does justice to her role in the movie.

Many people report the story line to be on based Groundhog Day movie, but believe me their is hardly any thing to link it with the 1993 movie. Few structural similarities can be found in Edge of Tomorrow, Final Destination combo which creates one Happy Death Day. Its kinda teen movie with charismatic horror flare mixed up with kill gore factor and nonetheless hot, sexy Jessica Rothe.

Horror Intensity in Happy Death Day

Was it horrid ? Definitely no, Does watching it will make your pants wet ? ewww Nope. Will it make your heart flutter ? Yes but in few scenes, where killing method was sudden and involved gore. If you are habitual horror movie watcher ‘Happy Death Day’ would be a breeze fun watching flick without freezing chills.

Happy Death Day Release Date

Happy Death Day will get released worlwide for the public on 13th October. In India, viewers can book their tickets using Bookmyshow or directly buy tickets from the movie theater/multiplex ticket counter.

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