Happy Birthday to Rajinikanth, the greatest superstar of all time

Happy Birthday to Rajinikanth, the greatest superstar of all time
Written by Abhishek Rana

Today is Rajinikanth’s birthday, and as he turns 67 years old today, the biggest Indian superstar of all time has once again said no to big and bombastic celebrations, and will instead be spending his time at a secret location in his town. However, Rajinikanth’s fans, who worship him like a god, have already started celebrating his birthday on grand scales, from greetings on twitter to holding prayers for a long life for their ideal. Rajinikanth’s decision to not have an extravagant celebration was made with respect to the Ockhi cyclone and all the people who have been affected by it.

Rajinikanth’s story of success has been recounted so many times, and it is important for people to know that everyone can become what they aspire to be, with hard work and a genuine need to show their talents to the world. He was born in 12 December 1950, and had been working as a bus conductor when he got his first film brake. Rajinikanth’s first film was Apoorva, and as his career began, he began to accumulate large swaths of fan following, until now, when he will be starring in the most expensive Indian movie ever, 2.0. Everyone has heard the jokes and memes that Rajinikanth can do anything, and it must be said that someone with the power to unite lakhs of people to admire, and to be bound by mutual love, must have some godly powers too.

Now, as he has come to a milestone age, and his popularity has become uncontested even by the Bollywood stars, Rajinikanth has been never the one to flaunt his super stardom like others. Still, he has accumulated a lot of wealth through the success of his movies, and it shouldn’t be surprise if come April, his movie 2.0 becomes the greatest hit of all time.

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