Hansal Mehta to direct Vidya Balan in Sridevi biopic?

Hansal Mehta to direct Vidya Balan in Sridevi biopic?

Speculations have begun around the corner that prolific director Hansal Mehta is apparently planning a biopic on late actress Sridevi and he might be approaching Vidya Balan to portray the character. It has not even been a month to Sridevi’s sad and sudden demise as of yet but biopics on her are pouring in from all sorts of places. Sridevi had a fascinating career as she has worked in all the major film industries in India operating in very different languages. She started her career at the tender age of four in Tamil cinema and was later widely regarded as the first female superstar in the history of Indian cinema.

Sridevi had enough audience as her fans that she could bank roll a project merely on her presence while other heroines needed the name of a male superstar to get things going. She was playing lead roles with biggest of superstars and more often than not had more screen time to her. Sridevi was essential to Indian cinema because she started to get the attention off of the male superstar through her superior acting skills and played characters with depths. A little too many female actors are now going on that route but the way was paved by Sridevi.

Another fascinating detail regarding her career is that she quit the profession all of a sudden at the peak of her career in 1997 because she gave birth to her first child Jhanvi. Sridevi has spent her entire childhood in front of the film camera and it is bound to take some of that innocence away which she did not want her child to face because her mother was too busy shooting for films. Her death was as mysterious as her life because she drowned in a bathtub inside of a hotel in Dubai where she had gone to attend a wedding.

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