Half Girlfriend song Thodi Der will surely make you fall in love

Half Girlfriend song Thodi Der will surely make you fall in love

In the first part of the film ,we could see that Shraddha Kapoor(Ria) is least interested in Madhav Jha(Arjun Kapoor), but slowly when we move forward towards the songs of the movie, we could see that Ria is taking interest in Madhav. Looking at his innocence and purity she is slowly falling in love with him. A new song of the movie Half Girlfriend titled Thodi Der got launched today. The song is shot in parts of Delhi. In the song we could see Ria drenched in love with Madhav and sings this song for him.

Half Girlfriend’s Baarish and Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga were well received by masses and now the makers are out with Thodi Der. The track is beautifully sung by Shreya Ghoshal and composed by Farhan Saeed. It traces all moods and emotions associated with the complex feeling of LOVE. Looks like the track will delve deeper into the storyline of the film and etch characters of Riya and Madhav. Here’s how we thought that song is. Do give it a listen to decide for yourself.

As the song plays, Shraddha Kapoor aka Riya Somani asks Arjun Kapoor aka Madhav Jha about his dreams. With extreme innocence, Arjun says he wants nothing but a beautiful girl singing a song for him. That’s when Shraddha Kapoor takes the honor and sings teh song for him striking chords of Guitar. The song beautifully brings together the classical tunes of harmonium and sarangi with the tunes of acoustic guitar and keyboard.

The song has been penned down by Kumaar and directed by Mohit Suri. Lets have a look at the video:

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