Half Girlfriend gets appreciation from Chetan Bhagat

Half Girlfriend gets appreciation from Chetan Bhagat
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Chetan Bhagat, the author who is known for writing novels with the genre Romance. He wrote many novels and most for his novels turns into movies. In 2014, his novel 2 states was turned into movie and got great success. This time, his novel half girlfriend has been turned into movie being directed by Mohit Suri. The movie features Arjun Kapoor and hot and happening Shraddha Kapoor.

From being a banker to author and now turning producer, Chetan Bhagat’s journey has been quite a diverse one. “I was there during all 80 days when the film was shot. I was there to help out structure, costs, things like that, things which I have never done in my life actually. So that was interesting and it was something for which I could use my banking skills from my past. So that was nice,” he said.

According to Chetan Bhagat, Arjun and Shraddha are somewhere between full and nothing and hence the term Half is appropriate for them. In the popular comedy show, The Kapil Sharma Show Arjun even confessed that in his childhood days he was very fat and he also said that he groomed himself just for Shraddha, so that he becomes a deserving boy in her eyes(laughs).

Many people have tried to find the answer of the question that why the novel has been titled as Half Girlfriend. Chetan Bhagat solved the mystery by telling us that the theme of Half Girlfriend came to him by observing youngsters today who make a lot of relationships which are half-way in nature. They are temporary, and non-committal kind of relationships. “They are somewhere in between full and nothing. So I thought we needed a term like half,” he said.

Half Girlfriend is the story of a guy from Bihar named Madhav Jha and a girl from Delhi named Riya Somani, who meet during their college days at the Delhi University. When Chetan’s book Half Girlfriend released in 2014, it received a lot of criticism and protest for portraying Biharis in a certain light. But Chetan says he has always shown sensitivity while writing his characters.

“I have always shown sensitively, whether it’s in Kai Po Che (Gujaratis), in 2 States (Punjabis and Tamilians) and in this one there are Biharis. According to him, Biharis are very innocent and don’t have ego problem in them. They ask straight away what they don’t know. And that’s nothing bad. The intention is to lift the image of Bihar.”

Chetan Bhagat also praises the director Mohit Suri and the way he made the movie. Adding emotional touch, heart-touching songs and the story in such a way that the audiences are sure to fall for the movie. Chetan says that Mohit has invested three years of his life in making of this movie, so I believe he probably knows the story better than me. It is a very emotional love story and I think he has got that right, said Chetan.

Actor Kamal R Khan has also praised Chetan Bhagat for the wonderful story he delivered and also appreciated Mohit Suri for blending the story so beautifully from a novel to a movie.

The movie is slated to hit the theatres on 19th May. Take your Half and Full girlfriend along and enjoy the movie.

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