Haami movie review: A children’s tale, basically for children

Haami movie review: A children’s tale, basically for children
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Haami has about two different films in itself as it starts off on a very light note with a bunch of kids experiencing hormones for the first time in early school age and how it translates to sexual offense story that goes onto be national news. Film very obviously takes a dig at education system of the country as the parents now have little to no trust in the schooling structure. Enough number of sexual advances or molestation cases have come out from the school premises that lack of trust is now inevitable.

It is mostly a sweet story of two very young opposite gender kids kissing each other for the first time and how innocence is flowing in the air. Parents are also hearing these things from their kids as to how they are having a great time at the school while being utterly in love. Form of storytelling in this film is quite old and a little amateurish as far as the editing is concerned. Actors seem like per day hires instead of professionals who know how to build a character moreover the entire Indian television feel to the film just eats off the narrative.

The matter taken in the hands of school is quite sensitive as it alleges a low level school employee trying to sexually molest a very young girl in the school bus. Part of it as a matter of fact is inspired from the real life and echoes the case of a young boy’s death in Delhi school by the name of Pradyumna. Film takes a tricky spot against the culprit as he may have not done it at all and became the victim to doubts that people have because of certain activities. The film is pro school while simultaneously being against it. Overall one may miss this one because nothing out of the very ordinary.

Haami movie review: A children's tale, basically for children

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