Guru Randhawa’s Lahore music video released

Guru Randhawa’s Lahore music video released
Written by Abhishek Rana

Guru Randhawa ha released a new video of the song, Lahore, which has quickly gone on to become a viral hit some hours after its appearance on the social media and YouTube. The song is in Punjabi language, and is choreographed on the streets of new York and have the sleek look and style of western music videos. The video stars Randhawa as a love struck guy who is smitten by a girl, and shows how he presents and sings about her beauty, grace and how much he loves her. The end of the video is very sweet and reminds one of all the romantic movies that we’ve seen in which the guy gets the girl he loves and the two ride off into the sunset.

The lyrics for the song were written by Guru Randhawa and his voice perfectly melds with the words, making it seem like it was written just for him. The visuals of the song are very modern looking and are elegant, meaning that they don’t have the usual clutter of other songs, that makes Lahore even more special when you listen to it.

Till now, the video has accumulated over 10 lakh views on YouTube and has over 1 lakh likes. The song is destined to become another hit and a classic love song that can be applied to many movies and serials. People who have seen the video are now praising its visual, and most often the music and Randhawa’s voice. They are also sharing it with their friends and other people on social media so that it will recieve more attention and listens this way. The song is being touted as the biggest Punjabi song, and from the kind of praise and attention it is getting from fans and people, it seems that it might as well become one soon.



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