Gorgeous teaser of ‘Westworld Season 2’ is like Vinci making audio visual imagery

Gorgeous teaser of ‘Westworld Season 2’ is like Vinci making audio visual imagery
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Season 2 of Jonathan Nolan’s phenomenal Westworld will premiere on 22 April at 9 pm on HBO and hype around this is unreal. The metaphorical visual imagery of the real and created world in this teaser is mesmerizing, Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan are nothing short of Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes. Season 1 of Westworld was a mega hit and was declared an instant classic of the television world with the likes of Game of Thrones. In the teaser of season 2 it is clear that line is blurred between the real and fantasy world.

Music in the teaser is a cover of Kanye West’s song Runaway by Ramin Djawadi who has been the composer of the series and will serve the job again. Jonathan Nolan will be directing the season. Many big franchise movie trailers are launched during super bowl but this television series teaser is one of the most extraordinary thing ever in the world of audio video production. Slow motion shot of mechanical bull is nothing short of a miracle and the context it creates that the so lovely world is all a lie and at the end of it is just machinery.

The lifelessness has never been portrayed like this in any teaser whatsoever. To make this teaser beautiful was a risky decision because light is no way to show the darkness but Nolan somehow managed to communicate the fakeness with one of the most brilliantly shot scenes of all time. Ed Harris is reprising his role in this while rest of the cast includes Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright and James Marsden. Production of the show is completed now and the makers are working on post production because the show is quite VFX heavy. Show is created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy and depicts the dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin.

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