Google Doodle celebrates 44 years of Hip Hop with interactive turntables

Google Doodle celebrates 44 years of Hip Hop with interactive turntables

As Google Doodle acknowledges, it all started on August 11, 1973 at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue Bronx. When a Jamaican-American DJ who goes by the name of Kool Herc decided to scratch the record between his set and it made an incredible sound onto which people dance till today and will forever. The sound started to be called Hip-Hop, it was the biggest revolution in music since 17th century opera. Hip Hop lead to break, EDM and many other forms of music, which are now most relevant even in the remote corners of the globe. Invention of mistake gave the world some of the finest musicians such as Dr. Dre, Eminem, Jay Z and more, who defined and than re-defined music for the whole world.

Providing platform to these many people and let them grow as Artist with A. In terms of music Hip-Hop is the most flourishing industry in the world with Billions of Dollars in revenue, millions of artist and countless fans. All of that happened because of that random movements of hand at a house party in Bronx 1973. Google Doodle came up with the most interactive set of turn tables ever.

One may click on the Google Doodle and see a little 1 minute documentary on the introduction to Hip-Hop and then comes wide open a set of turntables with 2 records. One can select any record from the library available put it together and start some breaking some tracks by rubbing your mouse pointer on any of the 2 records. This turntable also comes with a switcher to switch the focus between either of the records.

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