Ghoul: Could the upcoming Netflix horror series starring Radhika Apte be another breakthrough?

Ghoul: Could the upcoming Netflix horror series starring Radhika Apte be another breakthrough?

Ghoul, a Horror Netflix Miniseries produced by Blumhouse, Anurag Kashyap and starring Radhika Apte is going to be released on August 24 2018. It consists of 3 episodes and is set in a prison facility. A strange prisoner arrives at the facility, and upends everything as the secrets of a soldier, played by Radhika, begin to unravel while the arrival turns out to be something other than human. The first trailer, which was released this month, and received an overwhelmingly positive views on social media, minus people whining about Radhika Apte’s presence in every Indian project that has been released on Netflix.

Radhika Apte, who appeared as a supporting cast member in Sacred Games, seems to be the central figure of the narrative in this horror movie. She is playing a soldier with a dark past, and we find out that she handed her father over to the authorities for his crimes. This already makes her a morally complex character, and it will be interesting to see the show dwell into her story as the creature wreaks havoc in the facility. Ghoul has some similarities with the genre of horror movies in which a contemptuous spirit or demon kills everyone in an isolated location, and turns the story into a final girl narrative, in which the heroine faces it and ends it existence.

The genre, even if nothing new, has become extremely popular, and if Ghoul is smart enough to side step the dumb cliches that plague the more unsuccessful attempts, it could be a hit just like Sacred Games, which has now taken over the internet because of its colorful cast of characters and energetic plot that has won over the viewers.  Because this miniseries also comes from the creators of the crime show, it can be trusted to have some basic quality, and Radhika Apte is always a welcome presence, having broken out with the horror movie, Phobia.


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