Geostorm movie trailer: Gerard Butler next all set to save earth

Geostorm, starter Gerard Butler under Warner Bros has come up with his new full-length trailer on Thursday. And there is so much adventure in it that needs to be explained. Butler plays a role of a scientist or an astronaut, an action hero, a father, who is all set to save our earth from the terrible weather strikes. Geostorm is an upcoming American disaster sci-fi comedy action film. Dean Devlin, co-written, produced, and director of the movie wrote Geostorm which centers on a global satellite system designed and played by Gerard Butler, who pledges before a Congressional hearing, ‘we can control our weather.’ The film also stars Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Andy Garcia and Ed Harris.

Warner Bros. has delayed the release ‘geostorm” twice. The film has also got the hype because it is the first co-production between Warner Bros and Skydance media.Producers of the film are Devlin, Dana Goldberg, Skydance media and Electric Entertainment’s Rachel Olschan and Marc Roskin. Gerard Butler, who is coming in next “Keeper” where he plays the role of a lighthouse keeper, has given up his built and gained a lot of weight.

The film has colors of a lot of films like Armageddon and Interstellar, and a few more. The film, Geostorm is under production from 3years, but now finally has come up. The movie is slated for October release. Gerard Butler starter ‘A family man’ is expected to work wonders for him as Geostorm has marked the feature Directorial debut of Dean Devil who has teamed up with Roland Emmerich to produce Independence Day.

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