Geostorm movie review: Mindless disaster movie, too serious to be fun

Geostorm movie review: Mindless disaster movie, too serious to be fun

Geostorm, directed by Dean Devli, in his feature film debut, and starring Gerard Butler and Abbie Cornish is your typical disaster movie about the end of days on earth, but is too stupid and dumb to be quite entertaining. The movie doesn’t even have the schlock-y thrills and good special effects to make it an endurable watching. The plot, as it is, revolves around a series of natural disasters that are going to sweep the cities of the world, and a government organization, Dutch Boy is formed to counter them or stop the effects. The Dutch boy was the idea of Jake Lawson, who is fired from his job when a meeting with a senate goes wrong. Three years later, the government has almost abolished the programm, when things begin to go wrong, and its up to Jake to save the world.

There are other characters, played by Jum Sturgess and Abbie Cornish, and other good actors who are served poorly from a idiotic script. Even more than that, the disasters, when they come, aren’t rendered effective enough for people to enjoy, and come off as still in progress animation boards. You can tell that the movie was made for cheap.

Geostorm is one of the worst movies of the year, because it fails to do the bare minimum with what it’s supposed to do, and instead wastes the opportunity to create a thoroughly stupefying experience.

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