Gang movie review: A predictable drama with weak characterization

Gang movie review: A predictable drama with weak characterization
Written by Abhishek Rana

Gang, directed by Vignesh ShivN, and starring Suriya Sivakumar and Keerthy Suresh, is a drama that looks at the corruption in the higher echelons of the government. It is a very good movie, but could have been better if didn’t preach the audience and instead made the characters more interesting. Whenever a director tries to tell an interesting story, it is usually the case that the characters are written as cliches. Here, we have our upstanding hero, who is very good, honest, and also very dull. There is not much to the main character outside of the character checklist that is essential for every protagonist. He is noble and the audience isn’t meant to think otherwise.

Suriya is very diligent in his efforts to make the main character a human, but he can do so much with a flawed script. The movie has some great scenes and is paced evenly, but the audience will be fidgeting in their seats after a while because the story seems so obvious.

Keerthy Suresh is effortlessly charming in her scenes and knows how to convey her feelings even with little dialogue. Her chemistry with Suresh is the best part of the movie, and the audience will surely think how better the movie would have been if she had an even larger part.

Directing wise, Vignesh does a terrific job in making the movie tense and entertaining. The supporting cast is also all uniformly good, but the great Ramya Krishnan is given very less to work with. There should have been more information about how the story was shaped, and there are times when the audience will be frustrated about the decisions made by some of the characters. Still, the movie has noble aspirations and tell a solid story without any frivolous additions and should be watched for the performances alone.

Predictable drama with weak characterization
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