Former Bigg Boss contestant Priyanka Jagga claims Kapil Sharma approached her for his show.

Former Bigg Boss contestant Priyanka Jagga claims Kapil Sharma approached her for his show.

Kapil Sharma, his show and its troubles refuse to stay out of the news and what is possibly a highly unlikely event to have occurred, Bigg Boss 10 contestant Priyanka Jagga has said that she has been approached for The Kapil Sharma Show. Priyanka, who often made it to the entertainment news headlines because of her antics on the highly popular reality show, told a TV news channel that people from Kapil Sharma’s show got in touch with her and asked her to join the show. But, she declined the offer.

Why would she do that, you wonder? Well, Priyanka claims that apparently her contract with Colors channel is still on and joining a rival channel would be a breach of the agreement. What is surprising about this claim is that the chances of Priyanka Jagga still having a contract with the channel are quite low since the host of Bigg Boss and Superstar Salman Khan, after witnessing her behaviour on the show, had warned the channel to not offer the actress any further shows. So it is highly unlikely that the channel would have extended her contract once she was eliminated from the tenth season of Bigg Boss.

When Priyanka was asked about Salman’s warning, she reportedly said, “No, my contract has not been cancelled. Channel has not given me such kind of information regarding my contract with them. Unke (Salman) Bolne se khatam ho jaata hai contract?” Well, nothing much seems to have changed for this publicity hungry actress.

With Kapil Sharma going through a rough patch for a while now and with the news that Sunil Grover has left the show for good and there by going solo with his career, it is not wise to completely rule out the possibility that Priyanka could have been approached by his team. But you cannot ignore the possibility either of this being another publicity seeking stunt by her, since she has done that in the past by claiming untrue and absurd things. There have been no comments from Kapil Sharma and team so far.

As far as we are concerned, we’re still scratching our heads over what kind of contribution could Priyanka Jagga bring to a comedy show that has a bunch of genuinely talented people?



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